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Inc Vat £10.10
Brita Microdiscs PK3 Pack of 1 Did you know tap water contains minerals, however it can contain taste impairing substances such as Chlorine and organic impurities. The BRITA MicroDisc is made of activated natural carbon from coconuts and contains millions of pores, securely locking away taste impairing substances - but leaving in...
Inc Vat £18.98
Brita Fill and Go Vital Blue Pack of 1 BRITA fill&go Vital - the smart way to stay hydrated on the go. The new water filter bottle from BRITA filters your water while you drink. This premium-quality water filter bottle with integrated activated carbon filtration reliably transforms tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA wat...
Inc Vat £20.89
Aluminium Foil Dispenser 45cmx90m Pack of 1 Aluminium Foil (450mm x 90m) in Dispenser Box with Cutting Edge
Inc Vat £27.47
Brita Maxtra Plus 3 Pack Pack of 1 MAXTRA+ filter with MicroFlow technology reduces impurities such as chlorine, limescale, lead and copper from your tap water, noticeably improving the taste and appearance of your hot and cold drinks. MAXTRA+ offers an eco friendly and economical alternative to bottled water costing just pence per l...
Inc Vat £29.16
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